Twitter and the NFL


Football season is here and Twitter is helping to kick things off.

According to the New York Times Twitter just beat out its competitors to score a live streaming deal with the NFL. For $10 million the social media site will be given the exclusive rights to live stream Thursday night football; games that brought in an average of 13 million viewers last year. Twitter says this is a great opportunity to showcase another feature for users and maybe even bring in sports fans new to the site.

And Twitter is such a fan of the idea it is also entering into deals with organizations that include CBS News, Wimbledon and the NBA to live stream events. Twitter says it has hired a former Goldman Sachs banker with deep ties to the sports industry to man the program. It has also assigned an engineering team to make sure its live stream capabilities are up to par.

And besides live streaming games on its site, Twitter is also trying to score a deal with Apple TV to stream games. Looks like someone came to play.