Politically Correct Emoji's


It looks like the next wave of emoji's is getting politically correct.

When it releases its operating system 10 Apple will put out emoji's that are linked to some of the more controversial topics from today's headlines. For example the gun emoji is going to be replaced with a green water pistol. This comes after people used the gun image on social media and got into trouble with the law. It also follows a campaign by activists who say the image of the gun wasn't appropriate given the recent shootings involving unarmed African American men and police officers.

In addition to that the LGBT community is receiving some recognition with a rainbow flag and single parents will receive some characters of their own. Apple says it is attempting to reflect our changing society with the new emoji's and is working closely with different groups to make sure everyone is fairly represented.

Finally there will be more female characters to choose from including female body builders, swimmers and construction workers. If they keep rolling out new emoji's we may never have to type another word again.