Santa's Board Meeting


It might be the off season but it looks like Santa Claus is already gearing up for the busiest month of his year.

With just five months until Christmas 140 Santa’s from around the world recently gathered in Copenhagen for the annual world Santa Claus congress. The three day event gathers Santa’s from twelve countries to network, meet the public and get into shape for the busy month of December.

One Santa from the United Kingdom says the congress, which began in 1957, is a way to spread the joy of the season and to share ideas to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. They also have the opportunity to discuss issues such as presents and weight regulations for Kris Kringle.

For the past couple of years one topic that continues to come up is what date Christmas Eve should be. Most Santa’s agree that the only acceptable date is December 24th. Other activities include a parade, Christmas cake baking and storytelling for the children that attend. It looks like even the world's most well-known entrepreneur can't escape a board meeting.