Social Security

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Israel wants to crack down on violent activities online and it's looking to social media sites to lead the way.

The Israeli government is targeting sites such as Facebook and Twitter for what it calls failing to remove posts that incite violence against the country. The government also says that Facebook is sabotaging the nation's police force by not helping to investigate potential suspects in the west bank.

Google and Twitter are also coming under fire for quote providing material support for ISIS and other terrorist groups. Lawsuits against the companies also claim that the failure to remove ISIS propaganda is a violation of U.S. anti-terrorist law.

In response to the allegations by Israel, Facebook said it works with organizations around the world including Israel to make sure that people know how to use it safely. Facebook says there is no room for content that promotes violence, terrorist or hate speeches on the site. Twitter has issued similar statements on the subject. In our 21st century world the debate between security and freedom of speech could get a lot more technical.