Fast Food Human Element

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While some fast food companies are going high tech, one company is sticking with a familiar recipe.

Despite reports that other fast food chains are switching out workers for kiosks, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook says the golden arches has no plans to do the same. He says even though it can be argued that switching to machines where customers can order and pay from might save money there are other ways to cut back.

He says McDonalds will look at automating more of the food preparation process to give employees more time to interact with guests and boost customer service. Easterbrook says they are competing with numerous other companies that provide a chance for people to eat out but he wants to make sure McDonald’s provides a human element to the experience.

This comes at a time when workers are pushing for an increase in the federal minimum wage but Easterbrook says even a jump to $15 an hour for entry level positions will not change his mind. After all, it's hard to deliver service with a smile when you don't have a face.