Frying Up Something New


Attempting to appeal to more than just your taste buds, fast food restaurants are serving up a few new ideas.

Recently Taco Bell rolled out a breakfast menu in an attempt to lure more people to try its food. Now it’s hoping to get them out of the drive thru and in the door with an updated dining room. Sleek, modern seating, exposed beams and trendy light fixtures will replace the plastic tables and fluorescent lighting people are currently used to. It says it hopes to get people to slow down and stay to enjoy their meal; an unusual attempt by a restaurant known for its fast food.

On the other hand, Wendy’s is trying to do the opposite by speeding up the trip for customers. It plans to install kiosks at over 6,000 locations that will replace its workers. Wendy's says this will speed up the ordering process and make sure your order is right. But it also pays off for the company since it won't have to pay the kiosks an hourly wage. Looks like the fast food wars are heating up.