Maple Match


Looking for love? What if your new relationship also came with an escape plan?

It looks like Donald Trump is going to be the republican candidate for president. And the news has everyone from liberals to members of his own party looking to jump ship. Now a Canadian website is looking to match any Americans who can’t handle potential President Trump with Canadians looking for love.

It's called Maple Match and it allows users to add their name to a waitlist that matches disappointed American voters with single Canadians. Since the announcement earlier this week more than 10,000 Americans and about 2,500 Canadians have registered. The idea is also drumming up support on Twitter with users tweeting “make dating great again,” a play off Trump's “make America great again” campaign slogan.

This isn't the first time Canada has been considered an option for unhappy Americans. During the years of George W. Bush liberals announced a migration north but according to Canadian tourism few actually made the move. In your quest for a perfect match, who knew location would be a factor?