For some people around the world, the click of your mouse can change their life.

A startup company in Egypt called Bassita has launched a concept in that country called click funding. With a name that means “simple” in Arabic, Bassita is combining the spread of the internet in Egypt and social media to help people gain access to simple things such as water.

The company works by posting videos and pictures of micro-development projects online. Once a certain number of shares and likes have been obtained sponsors take over the funding for those projects. The founders of the company say their goal is to revolutionize online advertising. They say if they want to use Facebook to advertise to a million people, Facebook will ask for a price. But instead of paying that money to Facebook the idea is to pay it for something positive.

Now big company sponsors are making a difference and improving their public image. Because of this project more than 1,000 homes in Egypt will be connected to fresh water in the next six months. Talk about positive growth.