The Golden Arches


In an effort to get a few more people through its golden arches, McDonald's is making a few changes.

The fast food giant is testing out a grand mac and a mac junior to accompany its staple item the big mac. In comparison the grand mac has a third of a pound more beef, an extra slice of cheese and a larger bun, the mac junior is a single patty burger designed to be eaten on the go.

Right now McDonald’s is testing out the new burgers at restaurants throughout central Ohio, and the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas. Analysts say this is a good sign for McDonald's. They say the company's willingness to make changes to a long time menu item is a sign of flexibility. And the burgers aren't the only thing McDonald's is testing out.

A new restaurant in Missouri is using the promise of all you can eat fries to get people in the doors to try its digital kiosks where you can place your order and customize your burgers and deserts. A little change could taste good for sales.