Business Expenses


Looking for a way to save your company money and travel more? Take a few tips from the women around the office.

According to new research published in Harvard business review women are the ideal candidate to send on a business trip because they spend less than men. And there are a few reasons behind their ability to save a couple of bucks.

First of all women tend to check their luggage while most men carry on and these days most airlines charge for any bags you bring on board beyond a purse or backpack. Another reason women are one upping men on corporate expenses? They tend to book their flights two days earlier than men. According to the Harvard business review that small window results in an average savings of $113 per ticket.

For some extra tips on how you can save some money on your next travel deal including the exact time you should book your ticket click the link below. I'm sure the boss would appreciate a few extra bucks on the bottom line.