Apple Security


Following its battle with the FBI; Apple is now unlocking some of its security secrets.

In a recent press briefing the company behind the devices that hold your private information discussed how exactly that information does in fact remain private. Despite recent headlines, senior engineers say the biggest threat to Apple devices is not the government but hackers.

They say since the development of the iPhone people are putting information such as medical history, bank accounts and passwords in the palm of their hands; and everyone wants it. The engineers say the company's security is ever changing, as the products expand so do the means to protect it. Plus the company designs its own chips and operating system making it that much harder for outsiders to crack the code and infiltrate your life.

On top of that every phone has a chip that checks any new software before it loads to make sure it's actually signed by Apple. However the question still remains; if the FBI says it was able to hack into a suspected terrorist's phone without Apple's help, how secure are we really?