Heart and Money in San Francisco


Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but visitors are leaving their money there as well.

Tourists have long had a love affair with the city by the bay. San Francisco routinely gets high marks from visitors for its stunning beauty, great restaurants and easy lifestyles. Now the numbers back it up.

According to the San Francisco Travel Association, a record 25 million visitors graced this hilly city last year, spending $9.5 billion. And 5.8 million of those visitors came to San Francisco on business. It certainly is a great way to write off a trip and pretend it is all work and no play.

San Francisco is also home to a huge collection of tech companies such as Facebook, Salesforce, Uber and Twitter. It just hosted Super Bowl 50 and its Golden State Warriors are on a roll. It all sounds so perfect except for one big bad side effect, traffic. It now rivals Los Angeles and New York for congestion. So enjoy your visit, but pack your patience.