Performance Over Privacy


Apple might be standing their ground when it comes to releasing information from its devices but that's not making fans feel any safer.

The tech giant has been in the headlines lately for refusing the FBI’s request to unlock a phone reportedly used by one of the suspects in the San Bernardino terror attacks. Apple says doing so would jeopardize the safety and privacy of all apple users. And while most people are applauding the decision it doesn't mean that apple is winning more fans.

According to a new Reuter’s poll most Americans trust Apple to protect their private information; but not more than they trust other companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Yahoo and Facebook were a bit lower on the list with fewer people saying it trusts those companies to keep them safe. But the poll also found that security and privacy aren't the top issues for consumers.

Instead while shopping for a new device, the majority of people say they look at performance and price over password protection and encryption. Who needs privacy when you can live stream your favorite shows?