A New Address


So far Donald Trump's run to the white house is staying on track; so what's your back up plan?

Every election season Americans threaten to move to a different country if a certain candidate is elected. And this year, it's no different. According to a recent Google search more than 316,000 people searched “move abroad if Trump is elected.” Hillary Clinton was close behind with 240,000 people searching for ways to jump ship followed by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.

So if you're looking for a new country code if one of these four candidates is named MSN Money has five options that offer a great quality of life at a reasonable price. For example, Panama. The country has a stable democracy, the U.S. dollar is the legal currency and cheap health care. Plus if you get home sick, Miami is just a 2 ½ hour drive away.

To see where else you could be calling home click the link below. At least you'll be in good company.