Candidates and Wall Street


As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are closer to winning their party nominations, Wall Street's reaction to their impact is anything but certain.

Because Wall Street hates uncertainty, this year's election is giving investors the jitters, big time. Businessman Donald Trump is bombastic; with claims he is the best candidate to bring jobs back to America and beef up military spending. But he is short on detail of just how he will do that without causing trade wars, higher taxes and bigger deficits.

Hillary Clinton has been tacking left of center to better compete with Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders, whose surprising strength has her changing positions so often investors may not yet know what she would really do about the economy as President. But political pundits say you could expect higher taxes and bigger deficits as a President Clinton would follow programs popular with President Obama.

But the wild card maybe Ohio Governor John Kasich who might give Clinton her biggest challenge, if he could stage a miracle upset. He did balance budgets as Ohio Governor, something Wall Street does like.