Best President for Business


This is one of the most heated presidential elections in decades, with candidates all claiming they are best for the economy. Rhetoric or reality?

Truth can be elusive when candidates pander to voters with promises of a chicken in every pot. Never mind those promises could get them in hot water when its time to deliver. Right now each offers lower taxes, less regulation and more jobs to a skeptical public grown weary of empty rhetoric.

But the historical fact is it takes much more than a president to make or break the economy. In good times presidents claim economic recovery on their watch. In bad times they just blame the last president for the mess we are in. But our global economy is more complicated. Trade wars, balance of trade deficits, currency manipulations, corruption and wars help dictate unpredictable boom and bust cycles.

Sure it is important to question candidates on economic issues such as how to deal with a $19 trillion deficit, create jobs and cut taxes. All claim solutions, so rhetoric or reality? You decide, in the ballot box.