Twitter's New Homepage


Twitter is giving its home page a more personal touch.

On Wednesday the social media company announced that it was making a change to the way it displays tweets on its homepage. Instead of displaying them in the order they are tweeted out, users will now see tweets customized to their individual tastes. But it's not all about trying to please the customer.

The change to the timeline is also designed to appeal to advertisers by putting tweets that advertisers pay for in a more prime location. Reports that this change was coming surfaced last week and not too many people were pleased with the news. The hashtag RIP Twitter began trending with critics saying the company was following the lead of Facebook and selling out to advertisers. But Twitter appears confident people will like the personalized touch.

Now when someone logs in the first tweets they see will have been chosen based on their interests as determined by the company. Users are able to opt out but unless they start paying the bills Twitter will continue to look for ways to entice advertisers.