Bernie Sanders


The race for the White House is heating up, and some people are wearing their support on their sleeves, literally.

Before election 2016 really got underway it appeared the Democratic Party had an obvious candidate in Hillary Clinton. Now her campaign is feeling the burn, thanks to the competition out of Vermont in the form of Bernie Sanders.

Earlier this week Sanders dominated the New Hampshire primary winning 13 delegates compared to Clinton’s nine. And the two came out of Iowa in nearly a dead tie. Now a tattoo parlor in his home state is cashing in on his popularity. According to the Burlington Free Press, Aartistic Tattoo is offering people free portraits of Sanders. And so far more than a dozen people have sat down in the chair to have his face inked somewhere on their body. And besides the free ink, the parlor is also donating to the campaign.

The owner of the parlor says the promotion will run as long as Sanders is in the race for president. Now that's the level of dedication we hope to see in the White House.