Replenishment Project


Turns out the promise wasn't an empty one, Amazon is now ready to restock your home.

It's been nearly ten months since Amazon announced effortless in-home shopping. Basically that means when connected items around your house such as dishwashers and coffee makers are running low they will automatically order you extra supplies. Since then Amazon has announced more companies that were jumping on the bandwagon but not when it would happen; until now.

Earlier this week Amazon said some appliances from Brother International, General Electric and Gmate can begin auto-reordering goods. All you have to do is go online, link your device and watch the refills show up at your door. Amazon says the replenishment program is part of a plan to anticipate a person's needs and make the buying process as easy as possible. And that's saying a lot since most consumer reviews consider Amazon to be the easiest website to maneuver.

Amazon says customers can already order in bulk but this program gives them exactly the amount of product they need exactly when they need it. Looks like Costco better watch out.