Twitter Outage


Twitter might only allow you 140 characters; but those characters are easily missed.

Earlier this week Twitter reported an outage in a handful of countries around the world. Many of its 300 million users woke up with a message citing the problem and assuring customers it was being worked on.

Turns out the problem was solved fairly quickly, the company cites a technical problem with a code, but boy was the damage done. People went to Facebook to vent their frustration with the hashtag Twitter's down. Pretty soon the jokes started coming in. People were talking about record levels of work productivity, computers actually being used to get work done and the United Kingdom being pulled out of recession by a surge of activity. Other people complained about having to write down clever thoughts because they couldn't automatically share them.

Following the outage Twitter stock tumbled to its lowest point in 52 weeks, down more than 4%. People don't like being silenced, good news for Twitter which is about to expand the number of characters it allows.