2016 Tech Predictions

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It's the New Year and while people made a lot of resolutions; how about a few predictions?

While it's hard to predict what the tech world is going to roll out in 2016 it's always fun to guess; so the people at Yahoo Tech are giving it their best shot. And predictions range from the somewhat likely to the probably not gonna happen in the next twelve months. And it starts with the easiest prediction in the world.

Apple is going to roll out a new Apple Watch and a new iPhone in the next year. The tech giant is expected to release Apple Watch 2.0 sometime this spring. And next fall, rumors have it that we will see the release of the iPhone 7 which is expected to include a fingerprint sensor on the screen, wireless charging and multiple cameras.

But despite the new gadgets, the second prediction is that Apple's dominance of tech culture will decline. To see more of the tech predictions for 2016 click the link below. Some are probably more realistic than your resolutions.