Social Media Memories


2015 was a year of love and gratitude, and it was all expressed in 140 characters or less.

Twitter says the members of the boy band One Direction were responsible for half of the ten most circulated tweets, including the three most popular. One of those came from Harry Styles who tweeted quote "all the love always" when another member announced he was leaving the group. That message was seen, liked and shared by Styles' 26.3 million Twitter followers.

Coming in at number four was President Obama. On June 26th he marked the Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriage with a tweet reading quote "a big step in our march towards equality."

To see who else made the top 10 and see the top trending hashtags of 2015 use the link below. Not to be outdone Facebook says it is also releasing a list of the top things people were talking about over the past year; and expect more companies to release their own top 10's to get some year end publicity.