Social Snooping


Heads up social media sites, Uncle Sam now wants you.

This week California Senator Dianne Feinstein is expected to reintroduce legislation that would force social media operators such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to notify federal authorities of online terrorist activity. The recent attacks in San Bernardino and Paris have lawmakers concerned that people are using the sites to communicate. They also believe that social media is being used by terrorists to reach out and radicalize people who might be vulnerable to the idea.

Feinstein says the attack in San Bernardino was the largest on American soil since 9/11. She says this is a different age and we have different tools at our disposal to fight back against terror groups.

So far the social media giants aren't saying much but there are reports they are quietly doing what they can to help the government. However the plan could backfire. If users start seeing Facebook and Twitter as watchdogs for federal officials it could turn them off using the site; and that opens the door for a similar company to swoop in.