John Sculley


Former Apple CEO John Sculley is branching out into the world of smartphones.

I recently spoke with Sculley at the tech summit in Dublin, Ireland about Obi World Phone. A product that is pitched as a more affordable smartphone with the same quality and reliability as the high end models.

“Everyone aspires to an Apple but not everyone has $800, particularly in the developing markets around the world.”

The phones cost under $200 and are being called one of the best designed android phones of any price. While there I also asked him what he thought of the recent movie “Steve Jobs” about the late Apple co-founder.

“The reality is that it's very good entertainment and its beautifully acted and I suspect that people who are going to it for entertainment will love it, people who are trying to see is this the total Steve Jobs, not at all.”

And about the actor who portrayed him in the movie?

“I like Jeff Daniels the reality is he played me in a suit, I never wore a suit at Apple.”