A New Friend


Facebook has gained a powerful new friend.

The social media giant averages one billion users per day. Now it can add one more person to that list, President Barack Obama. The dad, husband and 44th president of the United States, according to his profile, is now an official user.

And for anyone thinking they'll just get the run of the mill PR posts think again. The page is not a campaign page or a white house run staff page. Instead it's an outlet for President Obama to be himself and talk directly to the people. So far his first post includes a video of himself taking a stroll through his very large and very impressive backyard. In the video he talks about squirrels, a fox named Lincoln and carbon emissions.

And this isn't the president's first trip down the social media highway. This past May he joined Twitter and so far his profile name for both are the same; POTUS. Now the president is just like the rest of us, his profile pictures just might be a little more impressive than yours.