Uber Rush


Looks like Uber is driving into the delivery service.

Earlier this week Uber graduated its Uber Rush program from a pilot experiment to a full-fledged business. First launched last year the Uber Rush trial let users hail a delivery person from its app the same way you order a driver. And while it might be handy for someone else pick up your dry cleaning or get the umbrella you left at a restaurant; the real customer for Uber Rush is businesses.

Small businesses in big cities all over the country can use Uber Rush to deliver their goods. If a restaurant is slammed during lunch it can hire an extra driver to make deliveries. Stores or boutiques can now add same day delivery to their list of services.

Each delivery will cost between $5 and $7. It is up to the business whether they want to add that fee onto what the customers already owes. 75% to 80% of the fee goes to the driver, and the rest is kept by Uber. Talk about being on the road to success.