Strategies for the Job Hunt

Unemployment is pushing ten percent. But don't let that discourage you from getting a good job.

The Governments latest unemployment numbers are certainly sobering. Four hundred thousand more jobs were lost in June alone. But Tom Musbach, Senior Editor at Yahoo Hot Jobs says it was encouraging that job losses are slowing when he compared the second quarter numbers to the first. But Musbach says that might not be enough to stop the march to a double digit unemployment rate.

"It looks like that's going to happen. I mean we'd like not to see that but we have hit double digits before in some of our lifetimes so we've see that before. I don't think its necessarily something to be too alarmed about if we prepare for it and know it's going to happen and hopefully it won't get much higher than that."

For those of you making up the 9.5% of the unemployed Musbach has a few tips. To hear his top three strategies to put you ahead in the job hunt click on the video link. Unemployment is rising and you need a plan to avoid being in that ten percent.