Company Names


They're some of the biggest companies in the business world, but how did they pick a name we will never forget?

Because of their success company names such as Lego and Ikea are very familiar to us. But how did they choose a name that would resonate with consumers? To find out how CEO's determine what will go on their letter heads, Business Insider tracked down the thinking behind some of the biggest names we know.

For example Google. The internet giant takes its name from a mathematical term for the number one followed by one hundred zeros. Then there's Virgin Airlines. One of Richard Branson’s coworkers suggested the name when he said “we're complete virgins at business.” Or Starbucks. The popular pick me up was named after the first mate in the novel “Moby Dick.” The company felt like it evoked the romance of the high seas and the tradition of early coffee traders.

To see how companies such as Oracle and Amazon got their names click the link below. What's in a name? Apparently your level of success.