Google's Teddy Bear


It looks like Google is taking its inspiration from horror movies.

In 1988 a movie starring a child's toy that comes to life and starts killing people became a sensation. Fast forward to 2012 and it turns out one of the world's biggest tech companies has filed a patent for its very own Chucky.

According to a legal technology firm, Google has filed a patent for a smart teddy bear that can communicate with you and control your devices. The bear would include a microphone, speakers, motors and a camera. It will also have a Wi-Fi connection to your network so it can have power over everything from your TV to thermostat.

The bear comes to life when it detects some type of social cue; that could be a movement from you or a spoken command. Once you provide that cue the bear will stare back and search your face to make sure that you're making eye contact. Once it's satisfied that you are talking to it the bear will ask what you need it to do. And hopefully it won't come alive at night.