While most of the attention is focused on the Apple tree, another tech company is quietly making its move.

I recently sat down with John Chen, CEO of Blackberry about the direction the company is going since he took over less than two years ago.

“Yea I’ve been there, this is 17 months we came in to turn around company, and we have a 2 year turnaround plan so we’re right in the middle of it.”

Chen says the company is stabilizing financially and starting to make money again. Plus it has plans for four new devices that will be released later this year including a curved screen model and an update on its classic device. I also asked him about rumors of another tech bubble. Chen says there is always money chasing some of the big name companies but that it comes and goes in cycles.

“The so called tech bubbles always happen, shake out the weaker players the fundamentally strong players will last and they’ll come back.”

Chen says blackberry is hoping to manage all manner of devices and re-connect with the public.