Selfie Stick ban


Packing for your next vacation? There's one item you're going to have to leave behind.

Some of the biggest tourist attractions across the world are banning the ever present “selfie stick.” Designed to make it easier to take your own picture in front of something awesome, the long sticks are becoming a nuisance for everyone around you. Plus people not lucky enough to be in your picture are tired of selfie sticks popping up in the background of their own snapshots.

But now capturing some of the world's most famous sights is going to require two hands. Here in the U.S. the Smithsonian museums have banned selfie sticks calling it a preventive measure to protect other visitors and museum objects. More recently Britain’s National Gallery and the Palace of Versailles in France added themselves to the list of businesses banning selfie sticks.

To see the complete list of places around the world that don't want to see your smartphone's new accessory click the link below. Guess you’re going to have to start trusting strangers with your favorite hand held device.