Uber is now driving into one of the busiest cities in America.

A few days ago San Francisco based Uber launched its carpooling service on the congested freeways of Los Angeles. Called UberPool the service allows people to on similar routes to travel together and split the cost. It will match two users per ride, but allows each user to bring an extra person. That brings the total number of passengers to four.

Uber says bringing this service to LA will reduce rates for regular users by 50%. It also believes that this might alleviate commute times for anyone that decides to use. According to a Washington state based traffic research firm, Los Angeles is the fourth most congested city in the world. The firm says that people there waste 66 hours every year just sitting in traffic. Now they will be able to take advantage of car pool lanes and could save money on gas and it's slowly rising prices.

Right now Uber pool is also offered in New York, San Francisco and Paris. And it's taking off with the competition.