Driverless Cars

google car.jpg

Distracted driving is about to get a lot less distracting.

According to Google it will soon be possible to do all the things in your car that takes your attention off the road. In fact in the next few years the one thing you won't have to do while driving; is actually drive.

Earlier this week Google announced that expects real people to be using driverless cars on real roads in the next two to five years. The company says while people will actually get a chance to get behind the wheel the cars would still be test vehicles. Google says it is still examining how the cars interact with pedestrians and other drivers; so any data they record will be closely monitored.

Right now the cars are being tested at a Google facility and the company is still working on sensors that detect any outside obstacles and software so the car avoids them. Despite announcing when the real road testing is expected Google has not said when the cars will be mass produced. So for now, hang on to your hands free device.