Emergency Tweets


In need of some emergency assistance? Dial up your favorite social site.

Recently 16-year-old Adam Greenwood was on board a Virgin train traveling between two cities near London. He was in the bathroom and discovered a bit too late that there was no toilet paper available. So he did what most teenagers would do in an amusing situation and pulled out his cell phone.

But instead of documenting the incident he tweeted Richard Branson’s company telling them of his predicament. Within minutes they tweeted back asking him what coach he was on. He responded and a few minutes later a man knocked on the door and stocked Greenwood with toilet paper.

Greenwood says he didn't send the tweet expecting a reply, instead he thought it would be funny and wanted the company to know what was going on. Now he says he's found a new and unexpected way to get service.

Experts say things like this will only happen if the company has a social media team that's keeping watch. Looks like 911 operators might have some extra time on their hands.