Technical Politics


A new San Francisco based startup is providing politics with another platform.

In November I attended a tech summit in Dublin, Ireland. I spoke with Matt Mahan and James Windon of Brigade. A company that is set to launch sometime this year and will give people an easy and social way to take action on issues they are about. Right now the company is still working on its commercial revenue model and Windon, the company’s president says their strategy is about matchmaking, and not persuasion.

“What we’re trying to do is understand people’s political views and match them with candidates that share those views.”

So far the company is not going into specifics about how it will work. It says it wants to create a place people can visit every day, and not just before an election.

“We’re first and foremost a technology company and as you can tell from the summit technology is a pretty hot industry.”

Windon and Mahan say Brigade has the power to change the world of politics. All it needs is your vote.