These days everything is online, and the only thing protecting your information from cyberspace is your password.

Emmanuel Schalit is CEO of Dashlane. A company that streamlines the amount of passwords you have to remember. Schalit says these days’ people have multiple passwords on multiple devices for multiple websites. And in most cases they are using the same password for everything which makes the job of hackers that much easier. So to simplify your life dash lane will organize and manage all your password protected accounts. That way you only have to remember one master password for dash lane.

“How do we build something that is simple enough so that even my grandmother can use it, because my grandmother today has passwords? That’s always been our mantra, building something for mainstream users because we knew it was going to become a mainstream problem.”

Schalit says the system is secure because the company does not have access to your information. He says the company has 3 million users and each one is securely protected by their own encryption code.