Travel With Amazon


Amazon is letting you expand your shopping list; to anywhere in the world.

According to the travel website the world’s biggest online retailer is attempting to break into the travel business. Beginning in January Amazon will start letting people make hotel and resort reservations through its site. Participating businesses would load their room types, availability, pricing and pictures into a business to business server. Then they would be notified by Amazon when a booking is made. In return the hotels and resorts pay Amazon a 15% commission.

So far the initial rollout will only include a selection of hotels in and around New York, Seattle and Los Angeles, but the options are expected to increase. Other hotel owners are already expressing interest saying Amazon has a huge customer base. Smaller property owners say this will benefit them because they don’t have the marketing power or budgets of bigger chains. This gives them a worldwide platform at a cheaper price.

So far Amazon has not commented on the perks of its new business plan. Talk about one stop shopping.