Charitable Countries


It’s the season of giving; and we’re looking pretty generous.

According to the charities aid foundation, the U.S. is tied with Myanmar as the world’s most charitable country. And if that’s not enough to warm your heart, the U.S. is the only country to rank in the top ten for; helping strangers, volunteering time and donating money.

So just how generous are we? According to reports 95% of households donate an annual average of about $3,000 to charities. Last year alone Americans donated more than $335 billion, with most of that coming from individuals. And if they weren’t opening up their wallets, they were donating their time. Nearly 63 million people volunteered with at least one organization over the past twelve months.

But despite the country’s success not every state is carrying its own weight. For example Nevada took last place in volunteer rate and donations. To see which state took the top spot and where everyone else landed click the link below. Charity is the easiest gift to give.