Building a Business

sculley head shot.png

The tech industry is growing; and you might need a new set of tools.

John Sculley is the author of “Moon Shot” a book of strategies to build a successful business. And he should know; Sculley is also the former CEO of two of the world's biggest companies; Pepsi and Apple.

“What I learned by talking to business schools is that everything is focused around becoming a better manager but entrepreneurs have to learn how to become builders before they become managers.”

Sculley says this means taking risks and finding new ways to connect the dots. For example when Kodak was trying to compete with single use cameras, Steve Jobs was examining ways to take a picture with a wireless device. Sculley says in today's industry entrepreneurs need to take risks and be ready for an uphill battle.

“How do you exploit failure, how do you pivot when you’re back is against the wall, how do you recruit talent when you’re starting with an idea”

Sculley says even the best entrepreneur’s make mistakes. What defines you is what you learn from it.