Presidential Gifts


With great power, comes great responsibility; and if you're the leader of the free world it also comes with gifts.

Turns out President Obama never leaves empty handed from almost every meet and greet with other world leaders. According to the state department's annual accounting of gifts Mr. Obama has received thousands of dollars in gifts from people hoping to get in good with our country's head honcho.

Some of those include a $6,500 rug from Azerbijan, a zebra skin and a silver platter engraved with major world cities. Some gifts such as a Hebrew translation of his memoir “Dreams from My Father” are personal. Others such as a $10,000 sculpture of an eagle are meant to impress.

But the most expensive token wasn't even gifted to the president. Last year first lady Michelle Obama received $71,000 worth of jewelry from the queen of Brunei. But despite being gifts, everything the president and his administration receives is turned over to the government for storage or official use. I guess it is only the thought that counts.