Wi-Fi Orchestra


A New York man is putting a new tune on staying connected.

It’s never an unusual sight to see a variety of performers entertaining commuters on the New York subway system. But most of the time the audience is buried in their favorite hand held device thanks to the system’s high speed Wi-Fi. Now one man is combining the two for what is being called the first ever “Wi-Fi Orchestra.”

Director Chris Shimojima arranged a live musical experiment with eleven subway performers at nine different stations. Then Russian composer Lev Zhurbin wrote a piece called “signal strength” for the musicians to perform at the same time. The setup took two hours with the musicians being set up with a computer and headphones provided by the director.

Then the composer conducted the musicians from New York’s Bryant Park using multiple laptops, skype, and free Wi-Fi provided at each of the stations. It took about eight tries to get a connection but soon beautiful music was being made. To check out the experiment click the link below. Music under Broadway, instead of on it.