Can’t keep track of information; one company is clearing up your clutter.

“We want to be the definition of what productivity is for modern busy people.”

Phil Libin is CEO of Evernote. A Redwood City, California based business that takes everything from your email, to your personal notes to your pictures and stores them in one place. Libin says most people store information on their laptops or hand held gadgets. But that’s only useful if you enter it into the right place and then you still might forget where you put it. Libin says that practice is outdated and lowers a person’s productivity level.

“The ways that people work right now are based on ideas that made sense 30 years ago but don’t really make sense anymore and we think we can make the world a better place by making people smarter.”

Libin says a lot of the tools people use such as email and power point are old fashioned and slow you down. He says Evernote will organize your life like Tupperware organizes your kitchen. Now if they could only organize my closets.