Caffeinated Perks


Starting next year your morning pick me up will brew a little faster.

Starbucks has announced the planned launch of a new mobile app that will let customers pre-order their drinks and pick them up on arrival. The company says coffee lovers have been asking for a pickup service for years but it was only recently that Starbucks felt it could handle it. It says if a service isn't timed properly the coffee could sit out too long, get cold and turn people off.

Customers in Portland will be the first ones able to access the new service, then it will spread to the rest of the country. In addition to its mobile payment app Starbucks says pre-ordering drinks will help cut down on early morning wait times and long lines.

But that isn't the only good news being served up by the coffee giant. Starbucks is also launching a contest that will land people free food and drink for 30 years. From December 2nd until Christmas people can win by using a Starbucks card or mobile payment app. Talk about a pick me up.