Higher Education


Thinking about heading back to school? The first thing you should study; is your field of study.

Faced with a job market with few openings many college grads are going straight back to class. Unfortunately some of those higher degrees might not pay off. So to help you figure out which ones have the best chance of success Forbes put together a list of the best and worst degree’s for jobs.

To figure out where to focus your attention Forbes looked at the mid-career average for popular master’s degrees and their projected job openings. Forbes says it was surprised by some of the results. For example political science and international relations degrees landed on the best list. Even though both are small fields Forbes say they are seeing a growing interest in public policy and political issues. It expects to see more demand for people with extensive knowledge about what’s happening in the world.

To see what other degrees you should aim for and which ones to avoid click the link below. Make sure the college loans are worth it.