Presidential Salaries


President Obama is the country's top boss; so how well does he pay?

Since 1995 it's been a requirement for the white house to reveal the salary of presidential staffers to congress. The president himself pulls in $400,000 a year; so how does the rest of the staff stack up?

The highest paid people under the president make about $172,000. These people have the title assistant to the president. Most of them also have a second title, but that doesn't mean more pay. In fact none of them have received a raise since President Obama took office and a salary freeze went into effect during the recession. Twenty two members of the president's staff are being paid at this level.

Next are the deputy assistants to the president who pull in $158,000 a year. To see the full salary list including how the first lady's staff stacks up click the link below. It's the most well-known work address but doesn't mean it pays that way.