Tim Cook


With a new man in charge; Apple is starting to taste a little different.

Tim Cook became CEO of Apple in August of 2011; six months before former co-founder and reigning CEO Steve Jobs passed away. Now he’s starting to put his own handprint on the company; and some people say his methods are the direct opposite of what jobs would have done.

For example Apple is close to signing a $3.2 billion dollar deal to purchase the music company “Beats Electronics.” On the other hand Jobs had so much confidence in the products his company developed that he saw little sense in spending large amounts of money on acquisitions. Cook is also focusing on improving labor conditions and returning $130 billion to shareholders.

But the most notable difference is the lack of products. Jobs wanted Apple to be a corporate rebel unveiling revolutionary devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Now it’s been 18 months since the last big product was released. There’s a new cook in the kitchen and not everyone's buying what he’s serving.