The Irish Economy


The Irish economy is moving up and it's getting a boost from the city by the bay.

Christoph Mueller is the CEO of Aer Lingus; an airline that is now offering direct flights between Ireland and San Francisco.

"San Francisco’s always a very difficult destination for every carrier flying from Europe because there’s nothing behind but Hawaii so you are slowly dependent on the local traffic to and from San Francisco."

Mueller says with the addition of this flight it allows them to connect travelers from all over Europe with California. And that means more business for Aer Lingus. Mueller says another plus to this deal is that it strengthens the business relationship between Ireland and the bay area. And that Mueller says is one reason the Irish economy is finally on the road to recovery. And it's a business deal that works both ways. The mayor of San Francisco says Dublin is the innovation capitol of Europe so it makes sense that they would fly directly to the innovation capitol of California. Sometimes all you need is a good business partner.