Love Cloud


Joining the mile high club just got a little more laid back.

Love Cloud is a new business offering a special service high over the streets of Las Vegas. For $800 couples can spend 40 minutes on a private plane decked out like your personal love shack. Instead of seats it features a large bed, sound system and mood lighting.

Couples can bring food, drink or anything else needed to enhance the experience on board. And to keep things private the cabin is separated from the pilot by a curtained door; plus he will be wearing noise canceling headphones.

After each flight the plane is given a heavy duty cleaning and all the pillow cases, sheets and towels are switched out. Andy Johnson says he's offering more than a sinful service over sin city. He says it's about romance and giving couples a one of a kind experience they can cross off their bucket list. He says he has already booked a few flights and is hoping to expand into more cities. Talk about a business that's hoping to score.