Build Your Own Burger


The golden arches are getting a little more personal.

Earlier this week McDonald’s announced that its sales around the world continue to drop. Now in order to keep its status as the world’s largest restaurant chain it’s serving up more options. Last year the company began testing a “build your own burger” concept in one southern California City. It allows customers to use a tablet to customize their burgers. Now the company is expanding the test run to more California restaurants.

McDonalds says this will help it attract a different customer and more of a dinner crowd. Fast food analysts say giving people more control over what they’re eating is currently the biggest trend in the industry. This way they don’t have to rely on employees to remember the fact that they don’t want onions. But this is only the first course.

McDonald’s is also expected to add more healthy menu options including cage free eggs, sustainable fish and fruits and veggies. Higher quality and more natural food is also a possibility. Looks like Burger King’s “have it your way” logo is becoming universal.