Charge Rage


Electric cars a revving up a new form of road rage.

People in California’s Silicon Valley are making the switch from gas to electric cars. Problem is when they get to work there aren't a lot of places for them to charge up their ride. Now it's creating incidents of what's being called “charge rage.”

At one company there are 61 employees who drive electric vehicles but only 16 charging spaces. Employees say cars are getting unplugged while they are still charging. In some cases people wait by a charging car; then when it's finished call the owner and tell them to come move it.

Now in an effort to keep the peace companies are changing their polices to include rules for charging spots. Some have even set up a calendar system so people can reserve charging time.

PG&E says by 2020 there will be about 800,000 electric vehicles on the road; right now there are twenty thousand. Charge companies say companies should have one port for every two cars. Who knew going green would be so aggressive?